The Company

The Company

Reigart Contracts – making way for progress. That statement has come to define not only our services, but also who we are as a company. Established 25 years ago, we have seen the legislation that governs our work and staff evolve and we have changed with it.

Our commitment to staff training and professional development is unparalleled. Combined with our dedication to equipment investment and maintenance, Reigart offers a modern, comprehensive range of safe and efficient demolition services.

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Our History

Making Way for Progress, for over 25 years.

2013 sees the 25th anniversary of one of the Nation’s leading demolition companies. Founded in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire in 1988, by Managing Director Pat Reilly, Reigart Contracts began as a family business.

Only one generation of the Reilly family are involved in Reigart, but over three generations have worked in demolition in Lanarkshire, most notably in the 1950s when they assisted with the reconstruction of Scotland after WWII.

Now with over 100 employees, the company may have outgrown its familial roots, but we still recognise the strengths of a close-knit team.

When we started we took pride in our dedication to our customers, the local community and our environment – and those values are still at our core today. We work hard to improve the image of the demolition industry with our commitments to staff training, investment in technology, and a high standard of quality control.

At Reigart we believe that it is our forward thinking, coupled with our years of experience that has helped to take us from a small family business, to one of the biggest names in demolition.


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