And the winner is…

And the winner isFor the last 7 years, Reigart has had the privilege of supporting North Lanarkshire’s Children’s Poetry Competition. Each year some of our staff are invited to attend the event and present the children with the hardback anthology of their poetry that we help produce.

This year’s theme was ‘What are you doing’, and [name] and [name] from Reigart attended the event and had the chance to meet [celebrity name] and, perhaps more importantly, Joshua Russell who received the top prize in the festival.

[name] from Reigart said: “It’s such a brilliant local event for Reigart to get involved in. We sponsor a lot of local teams and charities, but this competition is very important to us. It is so gratifying to see the quality of the poems the children produce, and how excited they get at being involved in creating literature.”

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to Joshua Russell, Primary 7, St. Stephen’s Primary School, Coatbridge, who let us publish his winning entry below:

Sky Flock

Stratocumulus, cumulonimbus, cirrus,

Are you serious?

Weird and long names of Latin

For those white sheep of a fluffy pattern


Scattered across the sky, lost and wandering,

Waiting to be a flock again, no more doddering.

There’s a world waiting for cover and rain,

Hurry to the mountains and to the plains . . . no time to explain.


You have many good purposes, Dear Clouds,

Protecting the earth, I hope you are proud

And this is not goodbye, just see you again

On your next run by, my inflated friend.


Joshua Russell, P7. St. Stephen’s Primary School