And the winner is…

For the last 7 years, Reigart has had the privilege of supporting North Lanarkshire’s Children’s Poetry Competition. Each year some of our staff are invited to attend the event and present the children with the hardback anthology of their poetry that we help produce.

This year’s theme was ‘What are you doing’, and [name] and [name] from Reigart attended the event and had the chance to meet [celebrity name] and, perhaps more importantly, Joshua Russell who received the top prize in the festival.

[name] from Reigart said: “It’s such a brilliant local event for Reigart to get involved in. We sponsor a lot of local teams and charities, but this competition is very important to us. It is so gratifying to see the quality of the poems the children produce, and how excited they get at being involved in creating literature.”

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to

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Reigart opens Recycling Facility in Greenock

Reigart is pleased to announce the opening of another licensed recycling facility in Inchgreen, Greenock. This waste transfer station will be used for our recycling operations in the Port Glasgow and Inverclyde area.

Reigart is currently working with River Clyde Homes to undertake the demolition and site clearance of redundant housing stock in that area. By taking over this short-term facility in the area, we can sort and recycle the materials locally, reducing the environmental impact of this substantial project.

This new facility is the third licensed Recycling Centre to be opened by Reigart, cementing our position as industry leaders in environmentally responsible demolition works.


Terri Kearney Retires

After over 11 years with the company, Reigart’s Finance Manager, Terri Kearney, will be retiring this month at the age of 68.

Managing Director, Pat Reilly, says “Terri is a real character in the office, and has been of true value to Reigart over the years. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the company will be sorely missed.”

All the staff at Reigart would like to wish Terri a long and happy retirement.


New Equipment investment in 2013

From vans to state-of-the-art demolition machinery, at Reigart Contracts we are committed to constantly upgrading our equipment to ensure that we provide our staff with the safest and most efficient technology possible.

For 2013 we have put significant investment into new Liebherr wheeled excavators. They will not only improve processes by providing our sites with faster material handling, but the emission-optimised engine on the excavators mean that they will also aid in our commitment to a greener way of working.

Reigart Contracts celebrate 25 years in business this year, and this investment is testament not only to the company’s growth, but also to their innovative attitude towards the demolition industry.

Managing Director, Pat Reilly says; “Demolition is a long established industry, but Reigart stands apart as a modern company, offering our customers and staff a safer, more eco-conscious way of working.”


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Commissioning for St. Ambrose School

When Reigart was awarded the contract to demolish and clear the site of St. Ambrose High School in Coatbridge, it was a bittersweet moment for the team.

“As a local business, many of us attended the school over the years.” says Managing Director, Pat Reilly, “so when we heard they were trying to raise funds for artwork to feature in the school’s entrance, we jumped at the chance to commission this for them.”

Now in situ at the school’s new campus on Townhead Road, the beautiful wooden carving of St. Ambrose by Sheffield based artist, Nick Hunter, incorporates symbols associated with the school and the community, including twenty-five small bees to represent each of the 25 years Reigart has been established for.

The school has graciously invited everyone from Reigart to the official opening of the school on 14th March and the team can’t wait to see the carving

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Albanian Delegates visit Reigart

On Tuesday 26th February, Reigart Contracts was host to a party from the Albanian Ministry of Environment, including the Deputy Environment Minister Mr. Taulant Bino and Chief Inspector of the State Environment Inspectorate Mr. Alfred Deshati. Led by Scott Crossett, originally from North Lanarkshire and a previous Reigart employee, the 3 delegates were visiting Scotland for a week to see how our country deals with waste.

As well as meeting with the Local Authority and other waste management centres, the group were eager to see what services Reigart offered as a company. They spent most of the day with the Reigart team, finding out how we recycle and reuse over 80% of our demolition waste.

The delegates commented on how impressed they were with our innovation and they hope to return to Scotland in the future to see how our ideas can be implemented in their situation in Albania.


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Reigart celebrates 25 years in business

In April 1988, Stephen Hawkings published ‘A Brief History of Time’, The Hubble Space Telescope is used for the first time, and Reigart Contracts Ltd. was established.

“We are so proud to have reached this stage of our business,” says Pat Reilly, Reigart’s Managing Director, “We received so much support from the local community when we started 25 years ago, and now we stand as a National leader in the demolition industry, and are doing all we can to give back to the people who supported us.”

That means that all the sport sponsorship deals, and charity and school outreach programmes will be continuing, just as you would expect from a company so entrenched in their local roots.

“With so many active projects and sites across Scotland, the team at Reigart don’t often have a chance to rest and take stock of all we’ve achieved,” continues Mr. Reilly, “but I’m

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