Reigart celebrates 25 years in business

25 years in businessIn April 1988, Stephen Hawkings published ‘A Brief History of Time’, The Hubble Space Telescope is used for the first time, and Reigart Contracts Ltd. was established.

“We are so proud to have reached this stage of our business,” says Pat Reilly, Reigart’s Managing Director, “We received so much support from the local community when we started 25 years ago, and now we stand as a National leader in the demolition industry, and are doing all we can to give back to the people who supported us.”

That means that all the sport sponsorship deals, and charity and school outreach programmes will be continuing, just as you would expect from a company so entrenched in their local roots.

“With so many active projects and sites across Scotland, the team at Reigart don’t often have a chance to rest and take stock of all we’ve achieved,” continues Mr. Reilly, “but I’m making sure we all get the chance to celebrate this momentous occasion.”

From new livery, a new website, and a big investment in state-of-the-art equipment the company certainly is celebrating.

Congratulations Reigart, here’s to the next 25!