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 As part of our continued commitment to the environment, Reigart Contracts own three licensed Recycling Depots in the West of Scotland. These facilities allow us to offer our customers a more responsible, efficient and cost effective demolition service.


Reigart is an eco-conscious company – from the equipment we use, to the materials used to build our offices, and we strive to recycle over 70% of all materials from all works completed by our teams. By opening additional, temporary recycling centres as close to large client sites as possible, we also reduce the carbon footprint caused by transporting waste long distances to 3rd party sorting centres.


Reigart’s licensed recycling centres can process metals, plastics, wood, aggregates, paper and more – quickly and efficiently sorting and reducing the waste that must be taken to landfill by up to 80%.

Cost effective:

Since the Landfill Tax was levied in 1996, it has become imperative to recycle and reuse as much material as possible in order to prevent costly fines being added to site clearance work.